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The strong environmental problems in many European countries (forest fires, floods, air and water pollution etc.) affect seriously the lives of citizens.The aim of this network is to demonstrate to local societies that citizens can protect their living space by means of active intervention that comprises information and awareness, political influence at local and regional level, networking and synergies within the civil society.

The objectives of this project are:
  • to raise awareness of environmentally friendly behaviour and lifestyle,
  • to practise active European citizenship by volunteering in environment protection and disaster control,

  • to include young people with fewer opportunities in environmental intervention thus encouraging them and promoting their self-esteem,

  • to promote non-formal and informal environmental education within the youth.

The project targets members of youth organisations, young volunteers, sport clubs, civil society organisations, entrepreneurs, schools, churches and municipalities.

Main activities for the year 2008 are:

  • two experts’ meetings (partners’ representatives and experts) for exchanging best practises,

  • a thematic environmental youth workshop (representatives of youth initiatives from all participating countries),

  • information days in each participating country (during World Environment Day on 5th of June),

  • an internet site with forum and presentation of best practises,

  • a final conference for evaluation and planning of follow-up activities.

The network is working on exchanging best practises, pooling trans-national experiences on environmental intervention and building a long term network among the project partners and new coming partners.

The project is being supported by the European Commission.