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Planned Activities
for 2008

  • Kick-Off Meeting – 28th of February till 02nd of March 2008 – Greece

During this meeting partners will inform each others about their existing local and regional networks regarding their environmental actions.

Partners with strong networking experience will transfer their expertise to partners will little networking experience and help them to explore their potential and to find ways to expand their networks by building links to other youth organisations, sport clubs, civil society organisations, entrepreneurs, schools, churches and town administrations in their respective countries.
We will also tune the work plan for 2008.

  • Experts’ meetings – Luxembourg

One youth worker or environmental educator from each organisation will meet with aim of exchanging best practises on environmental intervention.

Two environmental experts will help the participants improve their knowledge and methodologies regarding environmental education for youth and adults, and how to lead environmental field actions.

Pooling of experience from different countries and organisations will push partners’ environmental initiatives and local networking activities in their countries.

  • Local Youth Intervention action

Each partner will introduce locally the Ecocitizens’ project. They will work with a mixed group of young people that will carry out in parallel in each country the following:

  • collecting of information on different forms of environmental intervention,

  • preparing and carry out an environmental action,

  • communication with other groups through website forum,

  • participation to the World Environmental day (see after).

This work procedure will strengthen the links between young volunteers in the participating countries.

  • Information days in each participating country (World Environment Day on 5th of June)

During World Environment Day on 5th of June 2008 each youth group will present the best practices of the partners of Ecocitizens network which will be documented and published during those national information days.

  • Creation of an internet site with presentation of best practises

The present website is a tool for any youth leader, teacher, environmental educator, etc gathering information on Citizens’ Environmental Intervention best practises.

The forum is an open space where people can directly exchange ideas and requests.

  • Thematic environmental youth workshop - Greece

In July 2007 will take place a youth meeting with one young people and the youth leader of each partner organisation.

They will present their experiences of their local environmental action and select best practices from their country.

They will also work together on a local environmental action.

using this melting pot of different backgrounds, mentalities and realities in order to learn from each others and to develop common strategies for youth involvement in environmental intervention.

  • A final conference & Expert Meeting – Spain

In October 2008, Spain will host a European Conference with a prominent speaker, with goal to make publicity of the project and disseminate the best practises.

It will be also the occasion for future plans of the network.